Free Office software

Office productivity suites have always been in a great demand from their inception. Most of them are costly to own and so there are free ones.
Here are the alternatives to the Microsoft Office. There are other heavy-hitting software titles just like them out there that you can use. Today, we are going to run through the best alternatives to that expensive software everyone else uses.

1. Google Docs

The best contender is Google’s free online office suite known as Google Docs. sharable office computing ffice computing in the cloud, it includes word processing, spreadsheet functionality and presentations, as well as stat-tracking forms that integrate with spreadsheets and docs. Not quite as robust in some ways, it still is the main winner. It exports to a variety of formats, including HTML, DOC, PDF, XLS, PPT and more.

2. Open Office Open office is another contender, but one that isn’t as easy to use as Google Docs. It takes a bit of skill to get used to the interface of this open source office suite, and feedback is mixed on it as a viable alternative. Part of what you give up when you move away from proprietary software is the ability to call tech support, and better documentation and a shorter learning curve might help more people choose Open Office.

3. Zoho It’s document, spreadsheet and presentation solutions are, again, not quite as robust in features as Microsoft Office but it has some winning integrations that might make it a viable replacement, and a much lower price point to enter into if you are a business on a budget, as it works on a pay as you use it model, not a huge buy every few years.

4. NeoOffice
NeoOffice is one of the most stable office suites for Mac OS X.