Format USB Drive in NTFS Format

The best advantage of NTFS file system format is that data can be written to the pendrive only using our system i.e. by your pc only (the data is secure). So when we plug on to other system they can only read the drive and cant write to it since the pendrive is in NTFS file format. So we don’t need to fear any virus from entering our pendrive.

Here’s how to do it.

* Plug the USB drive or Pendrive to your PC.
* Now right click on MY Computer in Desktop and select Device Manager.
* Select Disk Drive and Expand it (+) and you can see your drive.
* Now right click on it and select Properties and go to the Policies Tab.
* Now activate the option showing Optimize For Performance and press OK .
* This will enable the pendrive to be used in NTFS file format. From now on you will get the option to format your Pendrive or USB drive in NTFS file format.

You will also notice a speed increase in writing and reading data with your pendrive, this is because the pendrive or USB drive is now optimized for performance mode.