Changing the size of text on screen

We see a webpage as it is rendered by a browser. However many times the size of the display text is small and unreadable.

You can change the screen resolution.

This is how many dots the PC uses to make up the screen.

Typical is 1024 by 768 dots. But if you changed it to 800 by 600, everything would be a bit bigger.

You can right click on an empty part of the desktop, select “Properties” then “Settings” and use the slider on the left to change this setting. The flipside is that it would all be a bit blockier as well so it’s not the best way.

Another way is to just change the font size. Again, right click on the desktop and click on “properties” but this time select “Appearance“. You can use the drop down menu to change the font size, or click on advanced which allows you to change the fonts size for specific objects (for example just menus or just the taskbar) individually that last way is a little tricky, though.

If it’s only websites that you want to change the size of, in Internet Explorer click on “View” and then select “Text Size” and pick the one you’d like. It doesn’t work with all websites, though. Basically if the web designer choose a specific size for their text, it won’t change when you change this setting.

There’s also something called the magnifier which lets you, well, magnify the part of the screen that you’re pointing the mouse at. You can start it by going to the Start menu, then clicking on Programs, Accessories, Accessibility, Magnifier. If it’s not there, it isn’t installed on your PC: go to the start menu, then help and type in “install accessibility” to get help on how to install it.