Online Photo Sharing

With the ever growing need for photo storage and transfer many services catering to online photo albums have come up.

Photo sharing allows you to share your pics to anyone around the world and you can store edit and send them over the internet. There are many photo sharing sites that offer free storage or paid. Using these photos web photo albums can be generated and printed in the form of calendars or greeting cards.

Some of the best photo storage sites are

1. Flickr

Flickr offers image and video hosting mostly used by bloggers.

2. Kodak Gallery

It offers online photo storage and when yahoo photos closed down many users migrated to kodak gallery. Only owners can download the photos at full resolution.

3. Panoramio

Many of the photos on the site are available on google earth and maps. Started in 2005 the site was bought by google in 2007 with more than 5 million archived photos.

4. ShutterFly

Started in 1999 it has more than 1.5 billion images and allows iphone and mobile access.

5. Photobucket

It offers 1 GB free storage launched in 2003 and owned by Fox Interactive media.