Optimizing Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger is the leading IM used world wide and has many features. But everyone doesnt need all of them.

There are many features that are selected by default in the YahooMessenger. These can be optimized according to your needs so that you see what you require.

1. Go to Yahoo messenger and click Preferences – general tab

Here you can select whether to start yahoo messenger automatically or manually, show yahoo insider or not, keep yahoo messenger on top of other applications and other options.

2. Now click on Alerts and sounds

Here you can set many options for each you have to select the alternative from the list. Like select the I receive a message in yahoo mail and chose not to alert me and show an icon.

3. Like wise you can set apearance, archive, calling devices, chat, connection, ignore list, yahoo music, messages, privacy, webcam and super webcam settings.