Check GMail account for unauthorized logins


GMail account provides free POP/IMAP Email access and all the common google services and if for any reason someone else manages to use your account you run the risk of not only losing your email but also other services.

Google has recently introduced an automated security feature that would check for unauthorized access and unusual gmail account login activity.

If their is any suspicious activity a warning will be issued “Warning: We believe your account was last accessed from…, along with the geographic region that we can best associate with the access”. To determine when to issue such warning message the automated system matches the relevant IP address logged as per Gmail privacy policy to a broad geographical location.


There is a simple procedure for securing your GMail Account from hacking, spamming and unauthorized login as described below:

1. See the Gmail loginin home page below for the following information

This describes how much space you are using out of the total, if this appears large or unusual then its been spammed.

Last account activity describes logging IP(Internet Protocol address that uniquely identifies a computer on the internet). This should be your computers IP or the computer used anywhere else to login to your email account by you. If this is not in your area or country then your account has been compromised or hacked.

Click on the Details besides IP address and a popup window will open like this displaying the recent account activity.

Steps to Secure your GMail Account

1. Change the Password immediately to Alphanumeric with atleast 10 characters.

2. Change the security question.

3. Change your secondary email password and security question.

4. Remove any email addresses to which your account is forwarding emails.

These steps will ensure that your Email account is safe.