Best Social Bookmarking Sites

Discovering relevant informtion pertaning to you, we usually go to the search engines and do the finding ourselves.

Many people are also looking for the same information so they tag it in a bookmark for everyone to see.

Social bookmarking is becoming increasingly popular where users save links to webpages that they can remember and share with others. I am here reviewing top bookmarking sites.

1. It is the best bookmarking site where users can submit links stories and vote.

2. Stumble Upon It uses automated process to create virtual communities. Here users can rate webpages photos and videos.

3. Yahoo Buzz It allows users to publish their own news stories and link to their own site. Buzz allows users to edit their submissions.

4. Technorati It is a search engine for blogs indexing millions of blogs. It has won the SXSW 2006 award for best technical achievement.

5. Reddit It allows users to discuss and post links and vote.