34 Best Free PC Games

I am presenting a hand picked collection of some exciting games.

PC games are always a favourite during holidays and we always need new games to play. New games are costly so i have found out some free games which are either demo versions or free.

1. Age of Robots – A computer virus called Big Crunch has started incubating and building a robot army. You’re task in this action puzzle game is to destroy it.
2.Alien Abduction – Inspired by Mutant Store and featuring game elements of the popular arcade-shooter game Defender, Alien Abduction is a fun shoot ‘em up game. It’s pretty addictive, featuring two player action.
3. Arkanoid 2000 – Here’s another revival of the classic game break-out. Simply destroy bricks with ball to complete a round. It features 3 episodes with 20 rounds each, and 3 skill levels for each episode.
4.Atomaders – This space-shooter is based on the classic Invaders/Galaxian games. The objective of the game is to destroy alien spacecrafts at all cost. It features various weapons, special abilities as well as cool enemies.
5.Atomic Cannon – This is a battle tank game featuring 85 cool weapons, 25 scenic landscapes, death match and round-based game modes. The game lets you pit up to eight human teams against eight computer teams.
6.Avernum 2 – This is an old-school fantasy role-playing game designed for those who wants a nice Windows XP adventure game with a rich plot in the line of Ultima and Wizadry. It features 3D, 16-bit graphics, three different game quests, and of course entertaining and addictive gameplay.
7.Bakerman – This is an addictive pattern matching game with a demented twist. You’re racing against time, trying to liberate gingerbread from the Bakerman’s frying pan.
8.Balloon Park – The object here is to connect tubes together as fast as you can to supply the helium for the next balloon to fly out of the Balloon Park. The game features nice background music, sound effects, and varying levels of difficulty.
9. Battle Boatle – Despite the weird sounding name, Battle Boatle is actually a nice naval shooter game. It features 70 action-packed missions, seven ships and realistic boat movements.
10. Battle in the Sky – Get ready for some aerial fighter. The game features five different areas and a bonus stage where you must fly your fighter craft through an asteroid field.
11. Battle Painters – This is a multiplayer action game which tasks you to paint the playing field with your chosen color.
12. Battle Pets – Similar to Pokemon, this game lets you explore caves and castles, and fight or train Battlepets. The game features stunning artwork graphics, good sound theme, and easy learning curve.
13. Battle Rush Tanks – Battle Rush Tanks is actually a 3D version of Battle City. Destroy as many tanks as you can before they annihilate your base.
14. Bezique – This game became popular as early as Winston Churchill’s time. In fact, it was Churchill’s favorite card game. It features a 64 card deck and requires you combine cards in various sequences.
15. Blockworks – This addictive virtual building game is geared for kids but is fun for adults. You can construct buildings, cranes, planes and automobiles among other things and add ambient sounds or other color backgrounds, for added enjoyment.
16. Bubble Booble Nostalgie – This game lets you play as one or pair of little bubble-blowing dragons. Trap the enemies in the bubbles and progress through hundreds of levels.
 17. Cliff Hanger – In this game, you’ll eradicate gangsters by throwing stones, boomerangs or dynamite. Also features trap gadgets and dozens of game levels.
18. Discord Times – This is another game with all the ingredients of a challenging RPG game. Play as a knight, ranger or archmage.
19. Future Boy – This is an exciting adventure game featuring cool animations and illustrations along with unique and unforgettable characters.
20. LinCity – This game requires you build and manage a city by feeding your people and providing housing and job opportunities. It also lets you build an eco-friendly and sustainable community through the use of renewable energy and recycling. Or if this is not your kind of thing, the game allows you to build a rocket, board the rocket and fire yourself away to escape starvation and poverty in your city.
21. PacDoom – This is an adventure/arcade game with some elements of strategy as well. This game combines elements of PacMan, Doom and Bomberman. Your task is to defeat enemies as you go through a multi-level labyrinth. It features nice graphics and sound, various levels of action and of course our favorite: PacMan himself.
22. Petwings – If you’re looking for an arcade shooting game, this game is not what you’re looking for. Although it is an arcade shooting game, you may have a hard time shooting at those cutesy cartoon-style graphics. But if you can withstand it, then you will enjoy this game. It features 53 game levels and five big bosses.
23. RummyFun – The simplest (but still fun) version of Rummy, RummyFun features nice graphics and full statistics, which you can reset anytime.
24. Tetris Blox – This 3D version of Tetris, offers various game modes and styles of play.
25. The Dark Reflection – This RPG game is patterned after Final Fantasy and Zelda. The game features weather effects, 50 random monsters to fight along the way, preset boss encounters, a turn-based fighting system, and much more. The free demo version offers the first half of the game.
26. TROY 2000 – This platform arcade action game tasks you to collect all the gold nuggets on every level. The game features 55 levels and three bosses which are tough to beat.
27. Weird Helmet – The object of the game is to help Weird Helmet find a safe passage across a void while trying to score points before Weird Helmet’s air supply runs out. It’s a pretty simple yet entertaining game. The free trial version offers 5 game sessions that will give you a preview of what the full version has to offer.
 28. WildBall – This clone of the classic arcade game Jezzball, WildBall requires you to trap a bouncing ball by building a chamber.
29. Willy in Space 3D – Here’s another fun 3D arcade puzzle game featuring 99 different levels to solve. It features realistic 3D scenes and animated characters. It requires both quick thinking and hand/eye coordination.
30. WordOMatic – This is three games rolled into one. It’s a word searching game with a dash of puzzle and strategy gameplay. The objective of the game is to use all available letters before they become void. You’ll get bonus points for longer words as well as for avoiding repeated words.
31. Wortris – This is another take on the popular Tetris game where players complete words as letter blocks drop down from up to bottom.
32. Wutch – This card game requires you match picture cards in various combinations. You go up against to AI opponents trying to stash away all their money. Wutch is certainly a fun and exciting game, especially when you start beating your computer opponents. The game features two themes which you can alter to change the look of the game.
33. Xenidis – This is a top-down action space game for one or two player. It features various worlds, spaceships and monsters. You’ll also get some cool weapon upgrades along the way.

34. Xeno Assault II – This is the sequel to one of Windows’ most popular arcade action games. It features great gameplay complemented by nicely done graphics. You’ll get to use 15 kinds of weapons, 10 bosses to blast away, and a multigaming mode online.