20 Best Screensavers to download

There are many types of screen savers but some are really awesome. See this collection and download whichever you like.

1. RSS Saver

RSSsaver will preview RSS feeds from the net and visualize them during your computer’s “inactive” time.

2. Twitt Earth Screensaver

Twittearth is eye-candy at its finest – a mesmerizing and mostly useless diversion that sticks you in space and whips you around the globe to see a new geo-located tweet every ten seconds.

3. Loppy Screensaver

Loopy is the desktop screensaver application that is looping and showing the pictures at random for good. The most imperactive key ingredient of this application is the integration between the flash technology and RSS, that is provided by Flickr.

4. Beijing 2008 Olympics Screensaver

If you’re still in Beijing 2008 Olympics fever, here’s the collection of Beijing 2008 Olympics screensavers. There’s total up to 7 different types of Beijing 2008 Olympics screensavers.

5. Cities of Earth Screensaver

Cities of Earth is a free 3D screensaver which shows biggest cities of our planet. Many of cities with information about its population and country names. So it’s a good educational content. The positions of all cities corresponds to its real world coordinates.

6. Live 3D Earth Screensaver

Live 3D earth is a realistic 3D earth model which will rotate on your desktop with photo-realistic colourful graphics and music.

7. RSS More Screensaver

RSSMore is a free rss screensaver that lets you subscribe to any number of RSS/XML feeds and view them in your rss screensaver. The RSSMore RSS reader screensaver loops through the list of feeds and shows the items and their contents in transparent text boxes over your background images.

8. Digg Screensaver

You can now pimp out your desktop and catch more of the good stuff submitted to Digg every day with Digg screensavers. The screensavers are available for Mac and Windows users and include Adobe Flash 9 if you don’t have it installed. On the Mac you’ll need at least OSX 10.4 and on Windows you need either Windows XP or Vista.

9. Polar Clock V3 Screensaver

Polar Clock is a simple clock design screensaver application based on depicting the length of circle arcs। It displays your date and time based on polar coordinates.

10. Time Machine Screensaver (Mac Only)

Hongkiat insisted I include this. Time Machine screensaver comes perfect with your Time Machine wallpaper. When your Mac goes idle, the screensaver activates as though it’s coming from the wallpaper. It’s a perfect match.

11. Mapped Up Screensaver

MappedUp is an application that tracks a large number of RSS news sources and displays their latest items on a world map. By rolling your mouse over the dots, you can read the titles of all new articles. By clicking a title, you jump to the author’s website to read the entire article.

12. Star Alliance Screensaver

The Star Alliance Screensaver has many features which can be accessed through the StarSaver Options dialogue box. In all modes, the Star Alliance Screensaver displays your computer time and the number of Star Alliance member airline scheduled flights in the air.

13. Fliqlo Screensaver

Spruce up the functionality and aesthetics of your screeensaver with Fliqlo. Fliqlo mimics an old school clock with flipping digits. The time can be customized to display in 12-hour or 24-hour formats. Fliqlo is a free screensaver that has been around for ages.

14. Aquarium Clock Screensaver

Aquarium fishes want to know the current time. They need special clock with flexible hands crawling around the clock face second after the second to amuse the small fishes and cheer your moods.

15. World Clock Screensaver

World Clock ScreenSaver is a Flash based free screensaver created with Flash ScreenSaver Builder that shows your local and five major time zones.

16. Crazyscreen Screensaver

A round clock screensaver which you will see the seconds, minutes and hours will rotate gradually as the time is passing.

17. The One Ring

This freeware screensaver has been specially created for all the fans of The Lord of the Rings and J.R.R. Tolkien. If you liked the book or the movie, this screensaver will make a great addition to your collection.

18. The Matrix Revolutions 3D Screensaver

Float through Matrix code as it forms images from the trilogy. It works fine with multi-monitors.

19. Twingly Screensaver

If you want to experience the true blogosphere, download the twingly screensaver, a very cool desktop screensaver that lets you visualize global blog activity in real time.

20. System 47 Star Trek LCARS Screensaver

System 47 is a nice screensaver that will display Star Trek LCARS interface on your screen with various interesting animations. System47 was just a generic name made up for an arbitrary planetary system. Though the program has started and will continue to include more non-planetary displays in the future.